Accessories and options
Motor 3 Phase Motor


Our machines are equipped with standard 400V - 3 phase electrical motors. When delivered and installed, your machine can be swapped to 230V - 3 phases if necessary, but this can also be done in advance, in our factory, at first demand. If 3 phases 230V - 400V  are not available in your workshop, or if you want your machine to operate from a mobile generator, e.g. in a mobile intervention unit, we can equip your machine with a 230V -Single-phase electromotor. This comes with a little extra cost.

Beware : this option must be ordered together with the the machine. If your supply is different from 230/400V-50Hz, we can deliver your machine with a motor that suits your needs. Please contact us, we will inform you completely regarding specific charges and delivery time.

Color Tricolor Optifit


In standard edition our machines are colored in the red color RAL 3020. We can deliver your machine in any RAL color without extra payment. Take into account a specific delivery period of 3 weeks.

Special adaptations

Our tyre-changers are designed and built with the sole purpose to guarantee You a machine as versatile and efficient as possible.

The fact remains that under certain circumstances (for instance first mounting in a mounting chain) or while processing specific types of tyres (specialization in motorcycle tyres, quad tyres etc.) adaptations can be required.

Some examples of adaptations that can be carried out are :

Lifting the claws to process motorcycle wheels with protruding hubs : Motorcycle wheels sometimes carry hubs that jut out of the rim side. Or they have diskbrakes with bulging built-on chain sprockets. In those cases, we can provide for specific, higher claws so You can process these tyres without problems.

Adaptation of the machine to handle smaller wheels (10" - 8" - 6" - 4") : If You need to handle wheels smaller than 10" then the claws can be moved inwards. Another recent solution being of course the Manu-Fit in its "MFA"-version, which you can just clamp onto your existing clamping table (providing its clamping diameter starts from 10").

Adaptation of the machine for the mounting of tyres in a tyre mounting assembly line :If Your machine has to be fitted within a tyre assembly line it can be interesting to adapt the machine, by, for instance, ordering a machine without a bead-breaker. This will make for an ever more compact machine, combied with a more compact price.

Cover caps 0503 1779 T 001

The machines are delivered with synthetic cover caps for the calmping claws. This in order to prevent damages to sensitive rims, mainly in cases of reverse mounting. These caps can be pressed easely onto the claws. After use they can be removed easily. They are available separately

 the order reference : Ref 1779.

+3" Claws 20180109 Sg3 Of Détail

The new +3" Claws increase the clamping table's capacity up to 26" rim diameter. This set of claws is easely mountable by hand, and fit onto our 440, 110 Pro-Fit as well as 210 Opti-Fit tyre changers.

The claws are completely plastified to avoid damage to the rims. After usage, they can easely be removed.

Order reference: Ref SG3

Trident 1606 1919

Used together with the RF arm, this mounting accessory requires a mere second to be placed and helps with the mounting of the most difficult

tyre types in no time.

Order reference: Ref 1919


The WDK-kit contains following parts :

- The plastic rim edge protector

- dismounting head with new profile

- Tyre-lever with new profile

- Streamlined bead-breaker

Order reference: Ref PSSL

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